The Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, is a true treasure of the Lone Star State and a destination everyone should experience at least once. The park has a large hill built like a dome, and some paths wind around the surrounding areas. There is also a trail that leads directly up to the peak of the crown, and this trail is known as the iconic summit trail. You are in for a treat on this trail since it offers some of the most breathtaking vistas of the hill country you have ever seen, but there are a few things you need to be aware of before you make the ascent.

Hiking tips for the Enchanted Rock Summit Trail

The following are some of our most helpful hiking recommendations for the Summit Trail at Enchanted Rock.

It Is Important When You Go

The dome is composed of a single enormous rock. There is absolutely no shade. Therefore the timing of your trek is essential. If at all feasible, plan your trip to take place outside of summer, and whether you’re going in the early fall or late spring, try to arrive as early as you can to beat the heat of the day. Because the park doesn’t open until 6:30 in the morning during the summer, you can fit in a hike before sunrise. Because there were so many stunning wildflowers along the trail when we were there in the spring, I recommend going at that time of year if it is possible for you to do so.

Move On Before You Move On

Showers are offered to campers, but during the day, they are locked up, and campers can only use the Port-a-Potties located at the very bottom of the site as their only bathroom option. We arrived there in a reasonable amount of time, and they were alright; however, you’ll only find them near the parking lots, so be mindful of that fact.

Ditch the Water Bottle

Your water bottle from Contigo will not cut it in this situation. This is a challenging trek, and given that it is in Texas, the temperature will almost certainly be on the high side anytime you go. When we go on hikes like these, we appreciate having our hydration packs. We offer these essential backpacks with a capacity of two liters for children, and for adults, we have a combination hydration pack and load. Because the spout is attached to your shoulder strap in a way that allows for easy access, they make taking breaks for water easy and convenient. You must train your brain to drink frequently and in large quantities.

Fuel Up

You must bring an abundance of snacks. We stopped for lunch about a quarter of the way down the mountain when we discovered a rock formation that, while not quite a cave, seemed to be at least 10 degrees cooler than the temperature three steps away.

Be Ready to Invest Some Time in This Activity

According to the information that we received, the hike should take around an hour and a half. And it could be finished in the allotted time. But we wanted to explore the summit, seek cool caves and rock formations, and take in the breathtaking scenery. In addition, we broke up for lunch, which required some additional waiting time. When everything was said and done, climbing to the top and returning down took us nearly three hours. Remember that you can easily spend three hours on this trail if you like to take your time and explore the area.

This is a Challenging Hike, but Children ARE Capable of Completing It

On this hike, we went with our eldest child, who is eight years old, and our youngest child, who is eleven years old, and both of them did better than I did. However, we saw parents attempting it with children as young as three or four. The bottom portion of the trail consists primarily of scrambling. While it is by no means an easy hike, it is not particularly taxing, and younger children will likely be having too much fun to be concerned by the scrambling.

The ascent initially consists of scrambling up solid rocks one at a time, but as you ascend farther, the terrain changes and becomes more like that of a steep rock face. When they reach that point, I can see very young children becoming exhausted, but to tell you the truth, the views from that area are so stunning that it is worth it to hike up there.

Many people used hiking poles, which made things quite a bit simpler, particularly while climbing up bare rocks. We spotted a lot of people using hiking poles.

Be wary of the Illusionary Summits.

At a certain point, you’ll catch a glimpse of the peak in the distance and believe that you’re getting closer to the top. You are, but not to the extent that you think you’re almost there. When you reach the crest of that peak, you’ll see another ahead of you, and THAT peak is the actual summit. But don’t let it deter you – the view you receive at the top is well worth the effort!

Be Sure to Grab Your Reward When You Reach the Bottom!

When you get to the bottom of the trail, you’ll find a Kona Ice truck waiting for you, and let me tell you, after a hike as strenuous as this one, there’s nothing more refreshing than a snow cone!

Places to Stay Near Enchanted Rock

In the Texas Hill Country, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area is a well-known attraction for those interested in going trekking. This natural treasure, which can be found close to Fredericksburg, is an absolute necessity for every anyone who enjoys being outside. But before you go to Enchanted Rock, you need to figure out where you’re going to stay. The best hotels in the area close to Enchanted Rock State Park.

Enchanted Rock

The Enchanted Rock is the ideal location for hosting an unforgettable celebration and intimate courtyard ceremony, thanks to its breathtaking surroundings. Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, right across the street from Enchanted Rock State Park, this bed and breakfast has rooms for up to 12 guests, making it ideal for hosting family and friends. Give Enchanted Rock the opportunity to assist you in planning a stunning event for you and your guests.

The Enchanted Rock is an old-world town owned and run by the same family. It is located in the foothills of the enchanted rock. Unique vacationers looking for healing for their body, mind, and spirit will find this rental home ideal.

Property Amenities:

  • Free Parking
  • Public wifi
  • Pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Free breakfast
  • Breakfast in the room
  • Pets Allowed (Dog / Pet Friendly)
  • Non-smoking hotel

Room Features:

  • Air conditioning
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Flatscreen TV

Room Types:

  • Bridal suite
  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Suites

Good to Know:

  • Hotel style: Romantic

What People Say

Dennis F
Dennis F
January 31, 2023
An amazing place and an enjoyable stay The title says it all really…if you want to stay somewhere that provides fantastic care as done here by the owner and staff, stay at Trois Estates, it’s a one of a kind experience that you cannot help but enjoy! -Dennis
Pat G
Pat G
January 31, 2023
Don't believe bad reviews! It always amazes me that people who would clearly be more comfortable at a Holiday Inn choose to stay at a quaint inn like Trois Estate and then have the audacity to trash it in a review. I’ll admit to being a little concerned when I read a few not just negative, but scathing reviews. But since there were so many positive ones, and especially since our friends had actually stayed there, we decided to give it a try. This place is absolutely charming! Feels like you’re in a little Tuscan village. All the rooms are different – we stayed in the Da Vinci – and each has it’s own individual appeal. Yes, this is an older inn, but “rundown” or “in disrepair” are just not true. Yes, there are feral cats around, but that’s part of the charm. And how can you not love the underground chapel and grotto, the bell tower, beautiful pool, rustic lodge and cozy saloon? And don’t get me started on the newly renovated deck with views of Enchanted Rock which are, well, enchanting! But the best part was the staff and service. We did have a little issue with heat in our room, but Rebecca and Cameron were immediately on the case and went above and beyond to accommodate us and make sure we were comfortable for our entire stay. We left feeling like part of the family! So if you want to stay in a hermetically-sealed hotel room where everything entirely predictable and you are treated like a million other customers, check out the nearest Holiday Inn. But if you want a comfortable stay and a unique experience, I highly recommend Trois Estate.
Jennifer L
Jennifer L
October 4, 2022
The Trois Estates Bed and Breakfast breathtaking! I visited The Trois Estates Bed and Breakfast with my mom before we hiked Enchanted Rock this week. The view from their viewing deck during both sunset and sunrise was relaxing filled with different comfy chairs. Our room had a fireplace for warm cozy evening wine. Everyone on the staff was friendly and the attention to detail with everything on the property made us feel like we were on a vacation tailored just for us. I will 100% be back to check out the other villas and spend a longer trip. 10/10!!!
Chris S
Chris S
September 12, 2022
Enchanted Rock and Enchanting Hotel stay Booked Trois Estates to be near enchanted Rock State Park. The hotel complex is only 2 minutes away by car. The vibe of this place is Spanish and siesta time. We checked in early at 2 on my wife’s 60th birthday and soon began to explore. The place was amazing, original and quaint. Nothing more original than the grotto (underground pool). We had the place to ourselves and took advantage of the clear spring water. We did not realize that the restaurant was closed on Sunday and Monday night but the manager kindly treated us to personalized dinner on both nites. Fantastic personal service! The place is perfect for weddings but we think visitors should check this place out too. We booked the Bella Villa room which opens on the Spanish style courtyard. Charming to be able to take our breakfast and dinners outside there (we were super lucky with the weather as we had 64F lows and high 80’sF). Loved the place, service, authenticity, views, and proximity to the Rock cannot be beat(en).
Carlene Johnson
Carlene Johnson
July 26, 2022
Love this place!! My husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary here! It's so romantic it made me feel like I was in San Miguel Allende in Mexico! Texas is having a heat wave which was the only major problem we had. The owner Rebecca is amazin. Her sons help her keep it up and the eccentric Chef were all fantastic, food was delicious. It's like its own village. I'd love to come back when it's not so hot!! Our room was comfortable and we took Alice our German Shepherd. She loved it.
Nicole B
Nicole B
July 18, 2022
BEST GETAWAY EVER!! Before the school year starts, some fellow teachers and I needed a getaway! Being from San Antonio this wasn’t too far but it was incredible! It’s literally right next to enchanted rock which is awesome. The property is so unique, there really is nothing like it. So far my favorite part was the underground grotto pool. Since it’s underground it stays very cold!! I truly love this place. It is pretty artsy and not for everyone but I will be back, for sure! This is just one trip of many to this little piece of heaven.
A G Gibler
A G Gibler
June 20, 2022
Lovely place! This place has it all! Friendly staff, delicious food, beautiful scenery and landscape. Our room was clean, fresh and comfortable (very comfy bed!). This is an awesome place for vacation or for an event. We will definitely come back.i

The ascent to the summit trail at Enchanted Rock was a delightful experience for all of us. There is nothing quite like reaching the summit and having the entire hill country laid out before you. When you have the opportunity, you should go to Enchanted Rock. Make your reservation as soon as possible so you can take in the breathtaking scenery of the Texas Hill Country. Happy trekking!

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